Artist Statement

I make photographs so that I can discover the extraordinary in the everyday. I am looking for the feeling in an image—that element that elevates the ordinary and opens a small window onto the universal. Something that expresses more than how we define an object, something that provokes curiosity and is capable of illuminating that which we all share in common. Photography is a way for me to process the world. The image is made in a moment when both light and dark are able to articulate something that I cannot say, but which I feel deeply.

Photography increasingly appears in a multitude of forms in all aspects of our lives. We both cherish it and throw it away. I am interested in how we overcome and rethink habitual responses to the world around us and perceive a new way of looking at what we thought was familiar. In this cultural and social moment, what images now arrest us? How does the emotional self experience a visual image, and what is this complicated unspoken language? My work involves the transformation of how we frame photography and observe images. I am interested in creating installations that challenge the physical relationship of the viewer to the image in order to create a new pattern of observing and expand our implicit relationship to what we have accepted to be simply commonplace.

Using Format